Tuesday, October 23, 2007

~Went on my first lengthy run in a while today. Walked to Embassy Row, ran Mass Ave to the gravel trail through the woods by the Italian Embassy, hit the paved Rock Creek trail at the footbridge, meandered on down to the Lincoln Monument, ran by the reflecting pool, 2nd WW Memorial, & Washington Monument to the Mall, did a lap & walked home. Haven't had good rhythm in a while because I haven't been running significant distances. Eventually found it today. Only a handful of days remain until Raf & I run (or at least begin... hehehe) the Marine Corps Marathon.
~Got stupid drunk & had bad experiences Saturday & Sunday. Moderation required. My inner judge lambasted me. Correctly.
~Thinking I'm supposed to be single. Life seems to have a point for me that I'm missing. (I know I'm retarded, so that's not it.)
~Tomorrow's my little sister Margaret's 28th birthday.
~Tomorrow's Rafal's nameday.
~Finally gave Pro Photo the go-ahead to fix my Mamiya.
~Airlie with Lyt tomorrow. *Rain canceled.
~Saturday's the last day of Renee Stout's Hemphill show.

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cpwebb25 said...

Good luck with the race. Make sure you tape your nipples so they don't chafe and bleed. Want to see photos of that!