Friday, October 26, 2007

~I was in a horrid mood for most of the week as I chased my tail since I had too much free time due to not working. Sheesh. So, even for Rafal's nameday party, I was in partypooper mode. Shot a few digipix before napping for a few hours & then internally debated back & forth the merits of visiting my bar while in such a crappy mood. I eventually went to bed again, finally going to sleep by 4am. Was so effing bored this week! Wow.
~Max tagged along when Rafal & I picked up our Marathon raceday packets at the Armory Thursday afternoon. Ready for Sunday pain.
~I rearranged, organized, & made functional again the bookshelf I inherited from Behnam when he moved to Berkeley last summer.
~Made most of a big scrapbook last night. Not how I envisioned it, but I didn't have the appropriate paper, so it'll have to do, & if the person for whom it is destined sticks around, then I'll make a better one. It's not bad, just not perfect.
~Didn't make it to UVA for WAC's opening... bummed. Now I'm tired & it's too rainy to drive to Lyt's band's gig in Culpeper & then hit his Blue Moon Crew Work Weekend gathering back at his house.
~The 1515 ARTS BLDG is so damn leaky. Rain is nice.
~Enjoyed talking with Mr. C. Walker last night at Raf's.
~When I get time to hit the post office I'm sending a care package to our favorite misadventurer currently lost in the Great North Woods.
~Wanna see The Go! Team's 10pm Tuesday show at 9:30 Club?

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mike said...

What about name him Ross. Like on Friends.