Saturday, September 08, 2007

-Jorge is awesome. My camera was dying on me last night at the bar, so when I shot this picture it was not on AWB, so the flash & color balance didn't team up very well, so the color is off.
-Last night must've been a week long. Had a good day at the gallery to wind up a good week of fun work with my super colleagues. Played bass for an hour, hit the opening at Civilian Arts Project & the one I hung at Akridge's F St corporate gallery. Saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a little while & it was odd seeing them in the new context that can only be called post-Corcoran--& I do not refer to the gallery or the college, but to the one & only Mr. Thomas Michael Corcoran. So many cute girls out last night--woweeewow. Then onward to Rafal's. Wound up closing him out & closing out Stetson's an hour later with some folks before we hung out on my porch & car until 4AM with more beer. Up at 7:45 to work in the kitchen from 8:30-4:30! Whoo! Harshita came in with a friend, so we chatted since I hadn't seen her since school, & I wound up loaning her my tripod for some shooting before she moves to California next week.
-So many cool people.

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mike said...

asalamalakem my brother.
such kind words.
(sounds something more like post-apocalyptic.)