Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In case you forgot, moved, don't live with me anymore, or I pissed you off, wrote you a nasty email or text... I'm the author. I make the editing decisions. I'm the one on the porch. That's me at the bar with Stella (she's gorgeous in starlight).
3 months until the shortest day of the year. 6 months to spring.
I like my obsessive Takoma Park blog visitor... guess we won't see you around here that much anymore.
Dear Tuesday, thanks for slobbery naps on couches.


mike said...

Good 'ol Demon House!

I'll never have to worry about the winters in Maine! Lil' 'ol Demon house was like living outside all winter, only w/ walls.

Unless someone is smashing through them w/ a tire iron!

wendy said...

borderline crazy/what I expected.