Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hung the new show at the gallery today. I like it a lot. I wind up saying that about many of our shows, but this one has heart, craft, & a charming warmth.

Still closing out bars. Got silly drunk Tuesday night & had a blast with Rafal & Audrey. It's fun to go places frequently & be greeted effusively by staff who aren't even waiting on you that night. I enjoyed my first couple of days working in the kitchen... so... since tree work has been very spotty for a few months, I guess I've found another fun source of income. Whooo!

Good openings on the 7th: Botanica (curated by one of my gallery's directors), Flashpoint, Civilan Art Projects, Meat Market, & I'm missing tonight's Alumni Show at the Corcoran (a bunch of friends were included). But make Saturday the 15th your night out for art & hotties on 14th St. Everyone's going to be opening: Hemphill, G Fine Art, Curator's Office, Adamson, Irvine, even Transformer is joining in!

About maxed my credit card! Whoo! About down to my last penny in checking! Whoo! I hope payday comes out of the blue! Sucks for me that it doesn't! :)


mike said...

Thanks for the postcard.
It was beautiful.
I feel like we should be lovers.

&rew said...