Tuesday, September 25, 2007

~Thomas Michael Corcoran's blog is awesome again!
~I'm trying to follow Mike's lead in becoming actively creative again. I'm trying to get my act together to run frequently & regularly during the less-than-5-weeks remaining to the marathon on October 28th. This becomes a tad bit harder when I close out bars every night I'm in town. Makes it hard to save money when many (most) beers are comped, leading to (occasionally hefty) appreciative tips to friendly & cool bartenders.
~Heading out of town in the morning for two days of tree work. Whoo!
~Craig said that one of our Italy study-abroad-mates died from meningitis.
~I'll see these shows soon (I hope with a friend or two): Morris Louis @ Hirshhorn, Edward Hopper @ NGA, & C├ędric Delsaux @ Project 4.
~Cease fire, end transmission.

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mike said...

That sucks about the friend who died.

I had meningitis one time in Afghanistan. I remember it sucked. They sent me to Oman to get a spinal tap. (That sucked too, as I remember.)

But it reminds me how lucky I am to be alive.