Sunday, September 30, 2007

~KimK sent me this last week; I like it.
~Man. So many gallons of beer consumed these past two weeks.
~September is gone, just like a train.
~David Byrne's in our next show. Gotta say WHOOO! to that.
~Thumbing through David Berman's Actual Air book of poems again.
~Made a big push in David Malouf's The Conversations at Curlow Creek the past couple of mornings.
~David Maisel's work is groovy.
~George says people sometimes (mistakenly) call him David.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

~Worked in the gorgeous & sweaty middle of nowhere. It makes me hurt sometimes when it's so damn awesome out in the country.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In case you forgot, moved, don't live with me anymore, or I pissed you off, wrote you a nasty email or text... I'm the author. I make the editing decisions. I'm the one on the porch. That's me at the bar with Stella (she's gorgeous in starlight).
3 months until the shortest day of the year. 6 months to spring.
I like my obsessive Takoma Park blog visitor... guess we won't see you around here that much anymore.
Dear Tuesday, thanks for slobbery naps on couches.

~Thomas Michael Corcoran's blog is awesome again!
~I'm trying to follow Mike's lead in becoming actively creative again. I'm trying to get my act together to run frequently & regularly during the less-than-5-weeks remaining to the marathon on October 28th. This becomes a tad bit harder when I close out bars every night I'm in town. Makes it hard to save money when many (most) beers are comped, leading to (occasionally hefty) appreciative tips to friendly & cool bartenders.
~Heading out of town in the morning for two days of tree work. Whoo!
~Craig said that one of our Italy study-abroad-mates died from meningitis.
~I'll see these shows soon (I hope with a friend or two): Morris Louis @ Hirshhorn, Edward Hopper @ NGA, & C├ędric Delsaux @ Project 4.
~Cease fire, end transmission.
~Copito de Nieve.
~Stefan in an old vid-still from Stay.
~Todd Hido.
~Lawrence McFarland.
~Also lusting after a good M-series sedan.

These aren't my fotos. I grabbed them off the web over the last handful of years. I like them. I saw Danny Clinch's Radiohead foto in person at Les Yeux du Monde a few years ago when he had a show. It was a big print, perhaps 5 or 6' square, hanging from clips. The bottom foto is by Michal Rovner.

~I miss Calvin & Hobbes.
~Still lusting after a sweet S6 Audi Avant.
~It's finally time to tell the repair shop to fix my camera.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got back from a couple of days in Virginia. Glorious & fun. Heard a pack of coyotes howling up the hillside pictured. Ate some awesome blackberry cobbler.

Monday, September 17, 2007

~Saturday was a good long day. Worked in the kitchen, then hit the openings with some awesome girls I know :), ate at ThaiTanic, then hit the Cat for some birthday parties in progress all night long. Saw many friends & was in a great mood for just about the entire night until I got home with my hangover-prevention pizza & made the mistake of sending an ugly drunk-text.
~Sunday I read almost all of Denise Giardina's Storming Heaven, a fictional account, told through a handful of characters, of the coal mining companies' seizure of West Virginia land & the struggles the people underwent. Of course the companies still rule. Whooo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spent a couple of days with Lyt. Summer has moved on. The heat will return, but the light has gone. Short days. Dark early & late. Oh well, at least it's good raking light again.

Monday, September 10, 2007

~Madeleine L'Engle died on Thursday. Read an Appreciation in the WaPo here.
~She wrote some of the many formative books of my, & my siblings', childhoods. The four of us were born between 1972-1979. Books were passed down at accelerating speeds, from Matthew to Elizabeth to Andrew to Margaret. Or they were read to a couple of us at once. My memory is faulty when I recall childhood. I had a great one I know, it just seems so long ago, playing with Gigi the Cairn Terrier, then Sandy the Golden Retriever, & on through the rest of the dogs. That leads to thoughts of burying my goldfish near Gigi's grave, digging graves for Sandy, Jonah, & Pippin... missing Bosco, who's been dead a little over a year... the couple of cats who were hit by cars... the all-important Maurice (named for Mr. Sendak, the great children's book author/illustrator, I remember eating strawberries when we went to a garden party for him when we were little), & I seem to have gone on a tangent away from books.
~L'Engle, Philip Pullman, Cynthia Voigt, Lloyd Alexander, Arthur Ransome, Olaf Stapledon.... So many good books in which one may meld one's imagination with the author's through their word structure to visit worlds that sometimes seem far-fetched. But if their fantastical visions are driven by ideas of hope, or create them in others, I hope that I may one day be so lucky as to have words so marvelous spring forth from my fingers & change someone's life. Here ye, here ye, Master &rew's oration is complete.
~In other news, I had a vision last week that I will build a book large enough in which to live. I've always had dreams of living in a book, but I never meant in the physical book itself, just in a story--I think it would be awesome--but now I think I will build a book for a living space. Its contents I have not yet finalized, but I'm imagining lots of stories, & fragments, & images: paintings, photos, sketches, studies, scrapbook stuff, just a giant book of deliriously delightful deliciousness designed for a dumbass like dis boy. D enD.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

-Jorge is awesome. My camera was dying on me last night at the bar, so when I shot this picture it was not on AWB, so the flash & color balance didn't team up very well, so the color is off.
-Last night must've been a week long. Had a good day at the gallery to wind up a good week of fun work with my super colleagues. Played bass for an hour, hit the opening at Civilian Arts Project & the one I hung at Akridge's F St corporate gallery. Saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a little while & it was odd seeing them in the new context that can only be called post-Corcoran--& I do not refer to the gallery or the college, but to the one & only Mr. Thomas Michael Corcoran. So many cute girls out last night--woweeewow. Then onward to Rafal's. Wound up closing him out & closing out Stetson's an hour later with some folks before we hung out on my porch & car until 4AM with more beer. Up at 7:45 to work in the kitchen from 8:30-4:30! Whoo! Harshita came in with a friend, so we chatted since I hadn't seen her since school, & I wound up loaning her my tripod for some shooting before she moves to California next week.
-So many cool people.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hung the new show at the gallery today. I like it a lot. I wind up saying that about many of our shows, but this one has heart, craft, & a charming warmth.

Still closing out bars. Got silly drunk Tuesday night & had a blast with Rafal & Audrey. It's fun to go places frequently & be greeted effusively by staff who aren't even waiting on you that night. I enjoyed my first couple of days working in the kitchen... so... since tree work has been very spotty for a few months, I guess I've found another fun source of income. Whooo!

Good openings on the 7th: Botanica (curated by one of my gallery's directors), Flashpoint, Civilan Art Projects, Meat Market, & I'm missing tonight's Alumni Show at the Corcoran (a bunch of friends were included). But make Saturday the 15th your night out for art & hotties on 14th St. Everyone's going to be opening: Hemphill, G Fine Art, Curator's Office, Adamson, Irvine, even Transformer is joining in!

About maxed my credit card! Whoo! About down to my last penny in checking! Whoo! I hope payday comes out of the blue! Sucks for me that it doesn't! :)