Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thomas Michael Corcoran rode off into this morning's sunrise, leaving a plume of dust behind him as his horses kicked hard for the cold north. In search of Maine, a place he claimed to have visited, somewhere towards the edge of the earth, he left with a wagon full of hopes & dreams & everything nice, including sugar & spice (probably even raindrops on roses). Some people who watered, housed, fed, put up with, & loved him over the years met at a Mt Pleasant bar last night for one last round of goodbyes before he assumes the mantle of Moose Layer, or is it Moose Slayer? It's probably one & the same! Anyway, we'll miss you douchebag. Good luck. Send me a postcard & your mailing address.


Priscilla de Lima - Ledesma said...

damnit...i'll miss him too!!

mike said...

Send all fan mail to:

Thomas Michael Corcoran
General Delivery
Augusta, ME 04330