Sunday, August 12, 2007

On a superior August Saturday morning, Audrey gave me a ride in the droptop Bimmer to Alexandria, where we had a distinctly American shopping experience. I snapped digi's as we cruised back along Rte 1. Who knew the Holiday Inn looked so good as a wedge? Later we had a few friends over for the first Demon House Yard BBQ of the summer. It was delightful. Kevin went above & beyond as Master of the Grill, a title he probably had no desire to receive, but his efforts are/were much appreciated. If you made it, thanks for coming! After smoothly wrapping it up at a reasonable 10:30, pool was shot, beer was quaffed, & the many attractive single ladies were ogled at our home away from home bar.

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Priscilla de Lima - Ledesma said...

so where are the attractive females son?