Sunday, August 05, 2007

Friday: returned work to painters Martin & Steve & enjoyed my busy gallery day.

Saturday: drove friends to Ballston on my way to Annandale, where I finished Joe's varnishing project, returned home, had a huge Demon Porch plate of pasta, drank beers with Mike (who finally got a good job & is moving to Maine to work as copydesk editor for a couple of newspapers), beers with my neighbor Brad, beers with Ben, we traipsed to Brad's backyard/patio/driveway on the alley where more beers were consumed before we finally took off a little before midnight. Jabari & Craig stopped by, Mike went home, & we barhopped for a few hours before Jabari crashed on my couch.

Sunday: Ate a couple of the delicious peaches I brought from Rappahannock for a morning snack on the porch. Brunched/simmered on Rafal's sunny patio/sauna, sweating out yesterday's alcohol as I gulped down a couple of yummy crepes, a couple of mimosas, coffee, & lots of water. The End

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cpwebb25 said...

Yeah, good for Michael!