Thursday, August 30, 2007

Been busy working & drinking beer (closed out the neighborhood bar two nights in a row to start the week... wow) for the last little while & for the past month my borrowed neighborhood internet has been very unreliable. No new pix. Starting what should become another fun job this weekend. Whoooo! Played bass in a trance last night for a few hours. Heading home to see my little sister who is home from Florida for the first time in over a year. Crashed on the couch last night & Saturday. The woman on my street I refer to as "my wife" makes me drool, but I have little interest in learning her name because it feels better to have her be my unattainable mystery woman with whom I frequently exchange greetings accompanied by silly smirks. She likes me. Hehe. I think I'm going to make a book for the 41-y/o psychotherapist (looks 30 but is a mom of two college girls!) I met in Georgetown a couple of weekends ago, she was jawdroppingly lovely & terribly sweet in brushing me off. :) Ahh... summertime. Everyone is attractive when they're brown & showing skin. Soon it'll be the time of pale skin, short days, darkness, & too many clothes. A bunch of neighbors have finally been won over by my charming smile & constant presence on the porch & have joined the enormous pool of people who nod, wave, say hi & keep walking... hehehe. Whooo!

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