Wednesday, July 18, 2007

-Tuesday: 1) while running; 2) while lunching; 3) after swimming.
-My old neck injury popped back in to say hi, leaving me wandering around like the old Jonah dog. p.s. (2pm edit) My awesome massage therapist older sister just emailed me instructions on how to work out the kinks in my tight neck muscles--damn I'm lucky.
-Crashed on the couch after a few beers.
-Lost a contact while removing them in my inebriated sleepiness.
-(Good times.)
-Gotta love Mogwai's Kicking A Dead Pig remix album (lost all my Mogwai discs in last summer's car stereo theft, luckily I'd backed this up digitally); Helicon 2 [Max Tundra Remix] is so damn spare, but breaks down into an aggressively destructive wall of distortion while retaining beautifully recognizable melodic chambers of perfection.

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