Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today's WaPo has an article about the Mingering Mike show at my gallery (it closes on the 28th, so go see it).

A very late night of beer (starting solo, then with Katie & D-Mac before a late night cab to an M St bar) on an empty stomach led to a tough super-early morning, but a (partially eaten) Diner breakfast helped straighten things out. Biked up the hill to Gavin's with Rafal to shoot hoops in the blazing midday heat. Felt great sweating out alcohol. Supposed to be 99 degrees Sunday.

Jay-Z: "Do I look like a mind-reader, sir, I don't know. I got 99 problems...."

Hit me.

Found that pocket of peace playing bass last night, no thoughts running through my head, it's easier to do when my sweat makes me one with the Warwick.

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