Sunday, July 22, 2007

Had what would have been an awesome run around the (nearly empty!) Mall if my neck hadn't been hurting so bad. Almost as soon as I sat down in the yard to stretch there was a "BOOM, SCREECH!" from the intersection as a work truck hit a pedestrian. It didn't look good. No movement from the victim, slow response from fire & rescue, but they loaded her up on a cart & worked on her in the ambulance for a while before leaving without sirens. That was an hour ago & the truck driver's still out there, with his kid in the backseat, talking to the cops. That's so awful.

On the 18th, I was typing stuff during rush hour when there was a loud & messy 3-car accident that shut down 16th St for a long time. I phoned it in to 911.

Last night EB was walking a friend to a cab on U St right across the street from the police station when a dude on a crotch-rocket slammed into the back of a stopped BMW & flew through the air, his helmet came off when he landed. She called that in & attended to him on the street; she said there were bones jutting out & he was clearly in shock. Today's incident occurred as she was on the porch telling a friend about last night... clearly & understandably it upset her a lot. EB is an awesome & wonderfully caring person & it saddened me to see her upset.

Time to detox a little. Heading out of town for a few days. See my family, get a neck massage, run in the country, climb some trees, get my car inspected, probably swim in a river, just chill out away from this fast-paced & sometimes depressing city life. Spain keeps calling me. I did a manual inventory at the gallery the last couple of days & touched almost every single artwork there... & still one of my favorites is a small (13x18"?) Anton Tapies piece on consignment. Barcelona. Should've taken the Steve Cushner & Dennis O'Neil study abroad class over there this summer. Oh well. Gonna cease & desist... end transmission.

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