Friday, July 20, 2007

Craig drove me to Baltimore Thursday. I will miss him.

At MICA, we didn't see MC Boyd, so maybe he wasn't actually there after all, but his art was, & it was probably the best in show, despite the top prize being awarded elsewhere.

Afterwards we went to Paper Moon Diner, a place introduced to me by one of those (now many) former friends of mine, Lara, with whom I used to enjoy spending time (& who's a pretty fricking cool person anyways, regardless of animosity at the end of all those undefined months of making out).

Now I'm fucking drunk. Had a great day at the gallery, then met roommate friends at St Ex for some beers. Wound up on my porch a little before 11pm chugging water & doing what I'd been visualizing for the last month or two, smashing a glass on the sidewalk below my porch. ***This portion edited after being up for a couple of hours... it was kinda unnecessary.***

Must be time for a long-ass run around the Mall, make the marathon my sex interest... fucking run for the endorphin high.

Cheers. Thank god I've got 3 days of trees next week!


knicksgrl0917 said...

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mike said...

1) Quit being such a nerd!
2) I would like to go run around the mall too
3) Are you friends w/ junk mailers?