Tuesday, July 03, 2007

7/3: Reston continues to obsessively refresh my blog; you were responsible for 74.6% of Virginia's June visits. Thus far in July it's up to 80%. With 36.4% for 2007 you've got more than twice as many visits as Charlottesville--my hometown!

I need a dog. Could talk to a dog all day long and never want a girl in my life. Lots easier. Could sleep with my arm around it, or its head on me, and be warm and cozy. I'm getting the picture that I'm not able to sustain (or initiate for that matter) anything good with humans, so as long as I remember to feed my dog--unlike the pet mouse that I starved to death when I was 8 or 9 years old--I guess it'd be all right. Guess that's why the other pets were Margaret's or family animals.


Prolly need a few jobs too. Mebbe I'd actually do something other than obsess about girls, and wouldn't have all this free time to spend with this backasswards blog crap. Need a plan. Still need to go to Barcelona. Been at my job for a year now, which completes the agreement I signed. But I like my job, it's fun and enlightening, and my co-workers are great. And I'm not fully done with DC. Got some really good people here. Plus there are plenty of people I like to whom I am rude, mean, and/or ignore. I've told people what I'm like and they don't get it until they experience it... sorry, I know what I do and who I am. Not always happy with the way things turn out as a result, but I'm alive and trying to stay there. Sucks for everyone that I immaturely take out frustrations on them.

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