Monday, July 02, 2007

7/2: Went to bed particularly angry and unhappy Saturday night, pretty much enbalmed in alcohol. Tossed and turned, finally watched the sky turn red as the sun approached. Before people were up, ran Rock Creek with Mike, who kindly circled back every time I walked--frequently. Running with a hangover, awesome. After a caffeinated smoothie, back to Demon House for solo porch sitting.

Met up with Mike and AJ at Dupont. Wandered the Adams Morgan/Columbia Road strip on the way to Mt. P. for another smoothie. Saw Henry Rollins. Craig came by for the delicious smoothie. I took off. Porch sitting. Bass playing. Porch sitting. Add water. Repeat.

Half-priced pasta with Rafal, beer, fun with our cute waitress Marija. Crashed on the couch watching a movie. To my room at 3:15am. Boredom. ! Dumb pix & words to blog!

1 comment:

mike said...

Your cup in running over
and you
don't know
don't know
don't know what to do now
youve got to cry

cry cry cry