Monday, July 02, 2007

7/2: Sent an incredibly rude email to a friend earlier. Makes for three people in the last couple of days I've told to "fuck off." Clearly I'm a winner on a winning streak.

Met Mr. Webb at the Temple of Scottish Rites for a tour. Despite living only a couple of blocks away for two years I'd never before stepped inside. Of course Craig wanted to sit in one of the captain's chairs to pretend he could fly the thing. But only the Supreme Commander has the keys to the command module that houses the flight controls. A few times we ran away from our tour guide, hoping he would trip on his cane when he came running down the steps after us. It never worked out (the guide was actually a boring history major). How does that saying go? ...try, try again?

Jabari and Mike stopped by and briefly entertained me (it's always fun to see them dance together) before I fed them to the lions. Make sure to compliment Jabari on his fine linen clothing. Just don't ask to see the boxers--there are none.

Mike says he's worried about me. While I truly do appreciate his noticing something being "off" in another person... it still makes me giggle.

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mike said...

Woooo! Jabari- alway walking backwards.