Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three great days in Virginia.

The road shots... I cannot lose them.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Had what would have been an awesome run around the (nearly empty!) Mall if my neck hadn't been hurting so bad. Almost as soon as I sat down in the yard to stretch there was a "BOOM, SCREECH!" from the intersection as a work truck hit a pedestrian. It didn't look good. No movement from the victim, slow response from fire & rescue, but they loaded her up on a cart & worked on her in the ambulance for a while before leaving without sirens. That was an hour ago & the truck driver's still out there, with his kid in the backseat, talking to the cops. That's so awful.

On the 18th, I was typing stuff during rush hour when there was a loud & messy 3-car accident that shut down 16th St for a long time. I phoned it in to 911.

Last night EB was walking a friend to a cab on U St right across the street from the police station when a dude on a crotch-rocket slammed into the back of a stopped BMW & flew through the air, his helmet came off when he landed. She called that in & attended to him on the street; she said there were bones jutting out & he was clearly in shock. Today's incident occurred as she was on the porch telling a friend about last night... clearly & understandably it upset her a lot. EB is an awesome & wonderfully caring person & it saddened me to see her upset.

Time to detox a little. Heading out of town for a few days. See my family, get a neck massage, run in the country, climb some trees, get my car inspected, probably swim in a river, just chill out away from this fast-paced & sometimes depressing city life. Spain keeps calling me. I did a manual inventory at the gallery the last couple of days & touched almost every single artwork there... & still one of my favorites is a small (13x18"?) Anton Tapies piece on consignment. Barcelona. Should've taken the Steve Cushner & Dennis O'Neil study abroad class over there this summer. Oh well. Gonna cease & desist... end transmission.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Craig drove me to Baltimore Thursday. I will miss him.

At MICA, we didn't see MC Boyd, so maybe he wasn't actually there after all, but his art was, & it was probably the best in show, despite the top prize being awarded elsewhere.

Afterwards we went to Paper Moon Diner, a place introduced to me by one of those (now many) former friends of mine, Lara, with whom I used to enjoy spending time (& who's a pretty fricking cool person anyways, regardless of animosity at the end of all those undefined months of making out).

Now I'm fucking drunk. Had a great day at the gallery, then met roommate friends at St Ex for some beers. Wound up on my porch a little before 11pm chugging water & doing what I'd been visualizing for the last month or two, smashing a glass on the sidewalk below my porch. ***This portion edited after being up for a couple of hours... it was kinda unnecessary.***

Must be time for a long-ass run around the Mall, make the marathon my sex interest... fucking run for the endorphin high.

Cheers. Thank god I've got 3 days of trees next week!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saw Michael Moore's Sicko with the two E's last night. A kickass movie. It's not really about left/right political leanings, just shows what this country is missing out on in comparison with the free healthcare provided to most of the rest of the developed Western world. Pretty fricking sick indeed. It could make you cry, it'll definitely make you angry, and it may well make your jaw drop.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

-Tuesday: 1) while running; 2) while lunching; 3) after swimming.
-My old neck injury popped back in to say hi, leaving me wandering around like the old Jonah dog. p.s. (2pm edit) My awesome massage therapist older sister just emailed me instructions on how to work out the kinks in my tight neck muscles--damn I'm lucky.
-Crashed on the couch after a few beers.
-Lost a contact while removing them in my inebriated sleepiness.
-(Good times.)
-Gotta love Mogwai's Kicking A Dead Pig remix album (lost all my Mogwai discs in last summer's car stereo theft, luckily I'd backed this up digitally); Helicon 2 [Max Tundra Remix] is so damn spare, but breaks down into an aggressively destructive wall of distortion while retaining beautifully recognizable melodic chambers of perfection.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Check out this awful canine incident in Tuesday's 9th stage of the Tour de France.

Monday, July 16, 2007

-The 2007 Sondheim Prize Semifinalists' Reception begins at 6PM this Thursday in MICA's Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries in the Fox Building at 1303 Mount Royal Avenue in Baltimore. Mark Cameron Boyd will be there. Visit this show, even if you cannot make the opening.

-The Mingering Mike exhibit at Hemphill closes the 28th, so if you haven't made it over yet, you'd best get yer butt in gear. Don't forget to check out Tina Newberry's detailed paintings in the back gallery! They rule.

-Stop by Meat Market to check out Reuben Breslar's work too.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wow. Friday/Saturday/Sunday all ran together... woke up 6:30am Friday & didn't sleep until 3am Sunday. In between:
1) 5'2" of awesome.
2) More than meets the eye--Dave's a Deceptacon!
3) Bastille Day: EB & me, Emily squared, ALAX & me, Dance Machine.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

~Refreshing rain.
~Refreshing Wendy. ;)

true/false/real: Rode a dog home from Stetson's. Large, furry, in no hurry. I tipped it well. Well, I tipped it. Tipped it well, I. Found a frog under its collar. It too had a collar. Strange breeds on the streets at night. Coated with a quilt of peanut shells the dog's friend Elise was a beautiful bitch in heat. Love was in the air. Cheese dripped from Calvino's moon. Next time I'll walk.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

-Saw Ocean's 13 yesterday--it was as bad as I'd heard. Well done, as one would expect from the cast & director, just a wankfest.
-Ran bright & early.
-Delicious Mahi Mahi for lunch with Rafal on a nearby patio.
-Saw Live Free or Die Hard this afternoon. Now that's an action movie! ;)
-Ate kubideh from Moby Dick on the porch & watched the sun set... nearly a month past the longest day of the year, its decline has become noticeable & ominous.
-Now I must grab a beer from my favorite bartender.

My room.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Made postcards Sunday. Posting them shortly.

Happy Birthday Corey!

Finally finished Wild Card Quilt, the last of Janisse Ray's books I had not read (kept a bookmark in it for a couple of years). Her writing's illustrative & heartfelt, but also self-centered & boring--like my blog & me. So read it... hehehe.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today's WaPo has an article about the Mingering Mike show at my gallery (it closes on the 28th, so go see it).

A very late night of beer (starting solo, then with Katie & D-Mac before a late night cab to an M St bar) on an empty stomach led to a tough super-early morning, but a (partially eaten) Diner breakfast helped straighten things out. Biked up the hill to Gavin's with Rafal to shoot hoops in the blazing midday heat. Felt great sweating out alcohol. Supposed to be 99 degrees Sunday.

Jay-Z: "Do I look like a mind-reader, sir, I don't know. I got 99 problems...."

Hit me.

Found that pocket of peace playing bass last night, no thoughts running through my head, it's easier to do when my sweat makes me one with the Warwick.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fireworks brought the sounds of Iraq into DC's neighborhoods. Most people made it home intact, but some injuries were reported.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This reminds me of a story I heard last year, found this video on Mute Math's bassist's blog Cantando Por No Llorar, Singing So Not to Cry.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Too busy stretching for a run never made, drinking mimosas on Rafal's patio, sending an unnecessary & far too nasty email, finally deleting all my texts from Lara, & listening to music to actually do anything today. Whoo. Happy 4th of July! (Why the hell are you wasting your time looking at this thing?!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

7/3: Reston continues to obsessively refresh my blog; you were responsible for 74.6% of Virginia's June visits. Thus far in July it's up to 80%. With 36.4% for 2007 you've got more than twice as many visits as Charlottesville--my hometown!

I need a dog. Could talk to a dog all day long and never want a girl in my life. Lots easier. Could sleep with my arm around it, or its head on me, and be warm and cozy. I'm getting the picture that I'm not able to sustain (or initiate for that matter) anything good with humans, so as long as I remember to feed my dog--unlike the pet mouse that I starved to death when I was 8 or 9 years old--I guess it'd be all right. Guess that's why the other pets were Margaret's or family animals.


Prolly need a few jobs too. Mebbe I'd actually do something other than obsess about girls, and wouldn't have all this free time to spend with this backasswards blog crap. Need a plan. Still need to go to Barcelona. Been at my job for a year now, which completes the agreement I signed. But I like my job, it's fun and enlightening, and my co-workers are great. And I'm not fully done with DC. Got some really good people here. Plus there are plenty of people I like to whom I am rude, mean, and/or ignore. I've told people what I'm like and they don't get it until they experience it... sorry, I know what I do and who I am. Not always happy with the way things turn out as a result, but I'm alive and trying to stay there. Sucks for everyone that I immaturely take out frustrations on them.
7/3: Alissa's ridiculously cute puppy, Moe, is today's Daily Puppy.

Monday, July 02, 2007

7/2: Sent an incredibly rude email to a friend earlier. Makes for three people in the last couple of days I've told to "fuck off." Clearly I'm a winner on a winning streak.

Met Mr. Webb at the Temple of Scottish Rites for a tour. Despite living only a couple of blocks away for two years I'd never before stepped inside. Of course Craig wanted to sit in one of the captain's chairs to pretend he could fly the thing. But only the Supreme Commander has the keys to the command module that houses the flight controls. A few times we ran away from our tour guide, hoping he would trip on his cane when he came running down the steps after us. It never worked out (the guide was actually a boring history major). How does that saying go? ...try, try again?

Jabari and Mike stopped by and briefly entertained me (it's always fun to see them dance together) before I fed them to the lions. Make sure to compliment Jabari on his fine linen clothing. Just don't ask to see the boxers--there are none.

Mike says he's worried about me. While I truly do appreciate his noticing something being "off" in another person... it still makes me giggle.

7/2: Went to bed particularly angry and unhappy Saturday night, pretty much enbalmed in alcohol. Tossed and turned, finally watched the sky turn red as the sun approached. Before people were up, ran Rock Creek with Mike, who kindly circled back every time I walked--frequently. Running with a hangover, awesome. After a caffeinated smoothie, back to Demon House for solo porch sitting.

Met up with Mike and AJ at Dupont. Wandered the Adams Morgan/Columbia Road strip on the way to Mt. P. for another smoothie. Saw Henry Rollins. Craig came by for the delicious smoothie. I took off. Porch sitting. Bass playing. Porch sitting. Add water. Repeat.

Half-priced pasta with Rafal, beer, fun with our cute waitress Marija. Crashed on the couch watching a movie. To my room at 3:15am. Boredom. ! Dumb pix & words to blog!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

7/1: Just took down a ferociously ill-humored post from last night.

Saturday was another long brunch. Finally did something smart and canceled Myspace and deactivated Facebook.

Running commences around 6:30AM.