Wednesday, June 06, 2007

-Alissa, you and Jeff should have another BBQ and I'll try not to miss it (I want to see those dogs).
-Wendy, we must schedule another outing with jerk-faced photographers.
-Marissa, I charge a license fee for use of the phrase "jerk-faced photographers."
-Dave WTNR, is the Exquisite Corpse underway?
-Mike, wanna run?
-Reston viewers, thanks for the overload of visits in recent weeks (out of the last 275 visits from Virginia, Reston was host to 142).
-Corey, thx for OSX, my HD is effed and the DVD won't install to it, says the destination is messed up... so I guess I'll just wait for the old 'puter to collapse then get a new one!
-Gomi, rent a Bentley and get up here sometime.
-Dietsch, shooting the space shuttle is a sorry excuse to miss a baseball game.
Dear day, please be sunny. I want another dose. Got home yesterday from a short (but very fun) day of treework (three of us climbed a splitting triple ash to lighten and cable it, buying it a little time) and was giddy... and in trying to figure out why realized it was due to the hours of sunshine. When I notice the effects the natural world has on me I am reminded of the importance of living outdoors. Full moons make me hornier than usual, sunshine makes me absolutely ebullient, moving water calms me, mountains make me breathe--yet I live away from water, out of sight of mountains, spend most of my time out of the sun, and chase away full moons... wtf.

Did it again. Got caught up in a girl. Fucked up. Argh. I'm seriously thinking about joining a monastery this time. ;) Ha. That's just the hangover talking. Cough cough. Hmm. (Don't worry about it visitor... your message was expected and that's fine... or whatever.)

Time to drink coffee, eat breakfast, and spend some money.


wendy said...

Agreed, the "Jerk Faced Photogs" need to get together for some drinking, at least.

mike said...

Hey, I'm the jerkface!!!

Chris Combs said...

O yes.