Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27: Friday's Artcade party: Dusk Comes To 14th St; Mike's new license; Carlos; Tang; Natalie (identify the dropdead gorgeous woman in the striped pants behind Natalie and my gratitude will be yours for eternity).
The party was a raging success. Roughly 600 people attended. I hung with Craig Webb, my good friend and an amazing printmaker, who will be pursuing his MFA at OSU starting this fall. Was pleased to see Mark Cameron Boyd. LJC rolled through, giving me a super hug before confusing me by disappearing at Wonderland. I know it's readily apparent to those of you who regularly glance at my blog, but I'm terribly effing simpleminded. Fighting a pissy mood, I rolled to Gavin's bar and found my friends Samina and Dave celebrating Dave's new job, so I hung out with them until closing time.

"Sex is not all I think about, it's just all I think about (is you)." Prince.


Hatnim Lee said...

hi andrew bain!
hollarrr next time ur in ny.

Hatnim Lee said...

yes, has not changed in a few years.
see you soon~~~****

Dietsch said...

Oh mike...drinking and driving a winning combination