Sunday, June 24, 2007

6/24: Answered Mike's text from bed this morning and made the long walk up the hill to Heller's for coffee. A bit of hanging out ensued. The beginning to our full day of adventure was barely underway when Larissa biked by on Mount Pleasant St. with a cheery "Hey guys!" Back down the hill, printed out Mike's stuff at Demon House, and walked to the National Portrait Gallery to catch the last day of the Saul Steinberg show. Very engaging and witty. Or maybe it was just funny and good. "Witty and engaging" seems a mite formal. ... brief pause for a smirk before moving on.... A short walk later we were hustling through the Foto show at the NGA. It was crowded and we wanted sunshine, so I'll have to go back to see it again. Made the return trip up 16th, got some beer and absorbed it on Demon Porch. Mike read me old articles he's using for a newspaper job application's writing samples--and I enjoyed them! Whoo! Back up the hill to Mike's for immense plates of awesome steaming hot pasta smothered in his homemade sauce full of chorizo, multiple peppers, onion, cilantro, ginger... etcetera. Beers in travel mugs, we crossed the road to sit on Frank Day's porch while phoning to announce our presence. He graciously extended hospitality to the two haggard wretches he found encamped upon his porch. He took us to his roof, and from there we gazed with forlorn eyes at the lonely visage of the Cathedral, jutting so high from the horizon as if attempting to cast shadows on other continents. Tales may have been recounted of a woman named Maggie. Other names came up: Ethiopia, Kabul, Arturo, Frito Lay, Miami, Horatio, Veronica, Velveeta... wait. I fear this operator may have a virus and be forced to restart, causing all finger-based communications to halt. Cheerio. (Hunh?!)


mike said...

Today I am fixing that very porch!

Dietsch said...

Nice photos