Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/20: Mike called early this morning. I finally picked up and agreed at gunpoint to hang out on the porch and lend him my presence, as if I was going to listen to him yap about his second breakup with my viewer. On some level I care, because he is my good friend and I love him like my brother. But since I'm selfish and enjoy spending my mornings alone on the porch watching my neighborhood walk to work, I don't care to listen to him repeat himself. I'm an asshole, it's true, but I like spending my mornings alone on the porch before I go to work. Before long it began to sprinkle and he turned his Starbuxx cup into a rainproof camera-protector. How can one not enjoy having his creative problem-solving presence around? I think we're going to drink beer and leer at girls this evening. Or just look at them. Fricking hell. WTF.

Varnished another batch of photos for Joe.
Spent big $$$ on clothes downtown.
Gorgeous day to walk around (many, many inches covered).
Lunched on a patio with Rafal.
Got movies: Babel, Children of Men, Crank, and Death of a President.
Talked with Prica.
Texted with Emily and Alex.
Summer heat is awesome.
A/C is for old folks and pussies.


mike said...

Thanks for listening to me. Now I'm crying because your suck a good friend. JERK!

cpwebb25 said...

How about using a Swing's cup, or even a Caribou?
Oh and I luv A.C.