Friday, June 15, 2007

6/15: Barely Friday as I write. Beer and pizza with the newest roommate... great fun... she's awesome. Had a good day without beer Wednesday, and Thursday a good project involving repetitive processes at the gallery. Chilly weather... good sleeping weather... wish I slept anymore... I love life... even when I hate it on occasion, it's so silly... even when sad things happen, it's still incredibly good. Maybe that's why I don't get along with lots of people--y'all are too intent on being poopy. I mean poopy in the scientific terminology usage. Sure. I just wanted to type poopy on my blog. There, congratulations to me, I've done it. But, just to make sure: poopy. Good night. Thank you beer. I only had two, I'm not actually drunk, just being silly. By silly I mean retarded. By retarded I mean stupid. By stupid I mean offensive. By offensive I mean really stupid. Does this lead anywhere? Yaaar. Life... I love you... marry me? I think I'm getting a dog soon. It's out there waiting for me. And when I go to Barcelona to live, it'll go with me. I want wings. I want to fly like a bird. Played bass tonight for a couple of hours and kicked ass like I hadn't in some time. I amaze myself. Imagine how awed the rest of you goofballs would've been if I awed myself... sheesh. Small ego, giant balls. Audrey, Emily, and I followed a small bubble around the house Wednesday evening as it traveled, over the course of a handful of minutes, baffling all of us, from the kitchen through the front hall to the living room, picking up cobwebs along the way, to the front hall, where we thought it burst, up the stairs to the landing where, finally, it decided to be no more. Punctuation. Right. Gotta set a date with my sailing buddy soon, but I think it'll be July before I go out on the Bay. May hit OBX then too, as well as return to tree work. Next week I begin varnishing photos for Joe. Emailed my Bulgarian friend after a long empty spell. Picked up (and started reading) a book I'd had a bookmark in for over a year. Finished an amazing book, The Kite Runner, last month. Kind of tired of drinking as much as I've been drinking since February... almost nonstop. Life goes on... and beer doesn't have to be in my blood all of the time... although it sure as hell does taste good. Been downloading awesome remixes of Rihanna's Umbrella song.... good stuff... woohooo. End of fucking transmission. Dear Diary session complete. Holla if you see me. Artcade opening party Friday the 22nd on 14th St. Check that shit. Miss Fick gotz it going on. Mind yer peas and queues.

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