Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/10: 1841 hit Dewey for an overnight adventure. We raced through the flatlands, got pizza before hitting the beach, ate crabs, envied Raf's ripped physique, played cards around the pool, laughed drunkenly with retarded Yankees, went to a bar where Raf befriended a fellow Polish GIANT (6'8" 280lbs? dude was huge!) whose arms dwarfed our resident He-Man's arms, and finally Max, Josh, and Liz joined us before the night was done. After shots at the bar, we celebrated Yves' 27th birthday with champagne on the beach, where a couple of us may have wound up skinnydipping and cavorting around the beach cackling like madmen. While I won't name names, I will tell you it was a lot of fun! ;) Rafal and I fell asleep on the beach, but were rousted by the Po-Po. Boooooo. Dewey and 1841, it was fun.


mike said...

Glad you had fun w/ out me 1841!

(Rafal, you missed the Pride Parade. Boy's Night Out, Georgetown!)

Dave Smooth said...

hey thanks for inviting me to the beach. can't even call me to not invite me, i have to hear about it from a 3rd party at black cat. real nice, jerkface

Dietsch said...

Glad to see you guys made it down.