Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5/22: Woke really early this morning, ate eggs with ketchup, toast with good mustard, drank OJ on the Demon Porch and then snapped some pix in the Demon Kitchen since the light was warm and buttery. Silly that my picture making has been reduced to using a year-old and thoroughly battered Nikon S3.

Hopped on the road and worked with Lyt at his place. As these grabs from 211 show, it's already haying season out in the country.

Congratulations to the current crop of Corcoran grads... ran into one of them, Eric Powell, last night at El Pollo Sabroso while eating with ThoMicCor. Last year I was a brand new graduate, half-heartedly looking for a job, hanging out with friends before they moved away, and getting ready to make out for the first time with a fun, smart, hot classmate and then-friend of mine. Ahh. How time slows down sometimes. I was made to recall this yesterday as I scrolled through camera-phone pix and saw a couple of her from exactly a year ago, taken a few days after my first jittering-knee kiss. ;) Ahh... the very good old days of last summer.

I need to get in the sun without a shirt on! Got a major farmer's tan. And my (modest :) beer belly is shaming me into not running shirtless, so I guess I need to do a bunch of crunches. Hehe. Dinnertime.


mike said...

Demon House is looking a lot nicer this year! Last year when school got out I was thinking of where the hell I was going to go and what I was going to do. No job. No place to live. Thanks for taking me in at Demon House. I thought I was going to move to Pennsylvania and become a hermit and write some things down. (which sounds kind of cool)

&rew Bain said...

Yep. Wandering around Mt P with Jabari talking about apples vs other stuff.... ;) Then all the hoopla of the D House... good times.

Alex said...

The wall is naked!