Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5/2: A tree day. I grounded for Lyt and Scott while they inspected a giant old poplar. Today its trunk measured 58" diameter at 4.5' off the ground; five years ago it was 120' tall. But it's likely going to have to be taken down as it leans over an essential building at the conference center and has plenty of structural problems.

I haven't posted grabshots from the road in a while so here's one: Gainesville during stopped traffic. I should've been shooting there all the years I've been up here... rather than racing down 29 to Albemarle... just record the ridiculously rapid stripmalling of Gainesville. Just in the last couple of months the I-66 /Rte. 29 interchange has undergone descrubbification (all the scrub trees that had grown up since construction have been wiped out) and the earthmovers have begun the process of making the land ready for the widening of 66 to the new and improved 29 interchange with more lanes and better high-speed handling. Whooo. It's cool. I could give a shit about any of that anymore. All I want to do is go to sunny places and hang out with hot females. Some girls are cool, but generally I think it's time to hang out with women. I seem to have a predilection for accents... which is bad... but I also judge people based on their eyes... which is all it takes sometimes. Hmmm. Road construction, women, and eyes. Hmmm. Weird.

I took my Mamiya 7II on a walk the other day and fucked its winder up, so I've gotta get that repaired... argh. Hehe. My bass hands have come back, even though I get deaf more quickly than I used to... to be expected after playing so many years without ear protection at high volumes... all those cute little hairs in your cochlea or wherever they live... getting flattened by the waves of sounds, never standing upright again to make sense of all the marvelous sounds of life happening everywhere all the time... thus I shout "what?!!" at the bar, club, in the car, or even in normal conversation... ahh... the choices people make. That's another one I don't get back. Whooops!


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