Friday, May 18, 2007

5/18: Got home pretty late yesterday evening after spending another very relaxing couple of nights dropping off to sleep to the sounds of insects, birds, and the rushing of the Hazel River--oh yeah, I worked a couple of days too! I go down to Lyt's near Sperryville and enter another world where cell phone towers don't exist so I'm entirely out of reach of the world. I don't check email on his dial-up connection so when my phone finally finds a network on my way back it goes crazy with a gazillion voice-mails and text-messages from people wondering if I'm alive. I love it. Hardly shot a picture while I was gone... so these three are pretty silly, but they're some of what I saw this time. Gotta love cows. Lost a $75 Spyderco knife I'd had for six or seven years--bah. But a good couple of days! Now off to the gallery.


mike said...

Those cows make me hungry ... i'm going to lunch.

Later ..

mike said...

You should link to some of the blogs that the "Black & White" blog you linked has links to. It seems there is a movement amongst photographers in the Charlottesville area for the preservation of it's neighborhoods and against the development of the surrounding land. And you are one of them.

&rew Bain said...

You must've been high while writing this... there are a lot of awfully big words for you to use in one comment.