Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15: Ran 12-15 miles Monday night (lost track of laps), after not having done much more than 5 at a time this year. Once I got a beat going it rocked. I keep cramping up and sucking wind in the first 2-4 miles of runs, which has meant a lot of painful runs since I haven't run past the pain. Last night was different. I returned to the Mall after a lengthy absence. Easy running down there. Finally kicked the cramps, found my breathing rhythm and, while there was plenty of room for improvement, I just floated after that. Smooth. I love that feeling. Now I'm going to bed so I may wake up sore in six hours for gallery work. Then off to VA in the evening for a couple of days of outdoors work. Whooohooo!


mike said...

I only ran 8 or 10 all together.

I didn't know where you went.

That bastard is gone.

That's what they were saying!

Ana Manzano said...

how i miss running on the mall!

&rew Bain said...

Yeah. I was cussing at you too... where the f did that db go?! Leave me running all by my lonesome?! I'll kick his ass... but then it wound up being good. I forgive you ;)