Monday, May 14, 2007

5/14: Raced down home Sunday afternoon, 135 miles in a little over two hours with fairly heavy traffic. Mothers Day. Food highlight: rhubarb pie (Elizabeth said it was ugly--but she made it--and it was quite good despite its appearance, as most of her creations are). It's always good to see the dogs, and home in May is intensely sweetly scented with all the peonies and irises blooming. Intended to go running on the dirt roads that family history says I'm the 8th or 9th generation to travel... but I didn't--oops. Margaret hasn't been home from Florida since this time last year when she came up for my graduation, otherwise everyone would have been there. It was a good afternoon with lots of storytelling, laughing, and my old parents. ;)


mike said...

I wonder if you have been genetically changed to live in this geographical area?

mike said...

... What I meant to say was,

"I wonder if living in that geographical area for so many generations had an effect on your genetics?"


&rew Bain said...

Well, my penis is enormous... maybe that's from growing up playing in the fertile dirt of the glorious Piedmont where my ancestors were smart enough to settle.

But seriously. Yes, it has. My mom always talks. (That's true.) But I was going to make that sentence longer... My mom always talks about "her mountains," and having a "connection with the land," and I know what she means. I've been up here in DC now since fall of '02, and I know that this is not my place, much as I enjoy being up here... it's not me. I love my people up here... but I'm drawn to return to that awful place called Albemarle County that I hate right now with a serious vengeance for exercising that kind of pull on me. So I drink, run, flirt with girls, and work, trying to figure out wtf to do about it all. Bah. Barcelona still calls me too.