Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/10: Spent a couple of days in Rappahannock working with Lyt. The scenery about made me want to turn in my faux-cityboy pass and return to the countryside of Virginia. They were the kinds of days that stick in my soul and make me daydream. I'm a damn good daydreamer. Anybody wanna hire me?

Went running in the country. Ate well (as is usual when I hang out with anyone from Nature Camp--be it Lyt, Walter, Jim, Flip, or Gomi): fresh greens from the garden, and venison, onions, and apples on pasta. Ahh. Fell asleep to the sounds of the Hazel River down the hill. Ate lunch on another river where we cleared a trail. Lyt pointed out a tiny hummingbird nest on a branch over the river. Gawd, what a glorious pair of days to be outside.

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mike said...

Have you ever seen a man run into a pasture and eat the neck off a cow?!

That's what I would have done if someone served me pasta with no meat!