Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/31: There will be an outstanding opening Saturday 6:30-8:30pm at my gallery featuring Mingering Mike's album covers and Tina Newberry's fabulous paintings. I'm going to be there--you should be there. The other 1515 14th St galleries are opening new shows too.
5/31: The last day of May. It's been a great month--full of "a lot." Met a new person who I like a lot. Worked a lot. Sat at L'Enfant a lot. Drank a lot of beer. Read a good bit. Ran a little bit. Shot a lot of digi-pix.

Last night I met up with Katie and Behn (in town from Berkeley's A school) for sushi and a drink. Then this:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

5/27: Out on the town last night with ex-housemates and folks.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5/24: On the way to Madison this morning my Camry rolled over 269,000 miles. (Anybody want to donate a phat Audi RS4 to my aimless speeding cause?)

Lyt's hotshot climber Rick (who recently placed 7th overall out of the 35 best climbers from DC, MD, VA, and WVA at the MAC-ISA Climbing Championships in Reston in April) was along today and gave me some welcome pointers on gear and technique as we all deadwood pruned a bunch of big Southern Red Oaks.

I'm starting a new series on the blog called "This Is Virginia." It's going to be whatever I shoot (in Virginia... duh!) that I deem to fit the phrase. Whooo. Excitement!!! There may well be more thrilling pix of me driving. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5/23: Walked to Columbia Heights to watch the UEFA Champions League final with Gavin. AC Milan squeaked by Liverpool 2-1.

5/23: Happy birthday to my blog.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5/22: Woke really early this morning, ate eggs with ketchup, toast with good mustard, drank OJ on the Demon Porch and then snapped some pix in the Demon Kitchen since the light was warm and buttery. Silly that my picture making has been reduced to using a year-old and thoroughly battered Nikon S3.

Hopped on the road and worked with Lyt at his place. As these grabs from 211 show, it's already haying season out in the country.

Congratulations to the current crop of Corcoran grads... ran into one of them, Eric Powell, last night at El Pollo Sabroso while eating with ThoMicCor. Last year I was a brand new graduate, half-heartedly looking for a job, hanging out with friends before they moved away, and getting ready to make out for the first time with a fun, smart, hot classmate and then-friend of mine. Ahh. How time slows down sometimes. I was made to recall this yesterday as I scrolled through camera-phone pix and saw a couple of her from exactly a year ago, taken a few days after my first jittering-knee kiss. ;) Ahh... the very good old days of last summer.

I need to get in the sun without a shirt on! Got a major farmer's tan. And my (modest :) beer belly is shaming me into not running shirtless, so I guess I need to do a bunch of crunches. Hehe. Dinnertime.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

5/20: I left work early yesterday specifically so I could get on the road for the probably four-hour drive to Camp's Spring Work Weekend, but learned I'd already missed seeing my brother there, and couldn't pull the trigger to get in my ragged old stereo-less Camry with 268K+ miles and make the same effing drive out I-66 to Virginia. So I bailed. That followed a rough day at work where I nearly melted down over rolling some prints for return to a press... which is probably the one thing that freaks me out at my job. So when a call came to hang out and drink beer on a patio in Columbia Heights I didn't need my arm twisted. We moved on to a house before I finally wound up around 2am drinking a beer by my lonesome in the weekend crowd at Stetson's, which meant I had to get some Manny and Olga's pizza to cheer me up before I went to bed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

5/18: Got home pretty late yesterday evening after spending another very relaxing couple of nights dropping off to sleep to the sounds of insects, birds, and the rushing of the Hazel River--oh yeah, I worked a couple of days too! I go down to Lyt's near Sperryville and enter another world where cell phone towers don't exist so I'm entirely out of reach of the world. I don't check email on his dial-up connection so when my phone finally finds a network on my way back it goes crazy with a gazillion voice-mails and text-messages from people wondering if I'm alive. I love it. Hardly shot a picture while I was gone... so these three are pretty silly, but they're some of what I saw this time. Gotta love cows. Lost a $75 Spyderco knife I'd had for six or seven years--bah. But a good couple of days! Now off to the gallery.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15: Ran 12-15 miles Monday night (lost track of laps), after not having done much more than 5 at a time this year. Once I got a beat going it rocked. I keep cramping up and sucking wind in the first 2-4 miles of runs, which has meant a lot of painful runs since I haven't run past the pain. Last night was different. I returned to the Mall after a lengthy absence. Easy running down there. Finally kicked the cramps, found my breathing rhythm and, while there was plenty of room for improvement, I just floated after that. Smooth. I love that feeling. Now I'm going to bed so I may wake up sore in six hours for gallery work. Then off to VA in the evening for a couple of days of outdoors work. Whooohooo!

Monday, May 14, 2007

5/14: hehehe.

5/14: Raced down home Sunday afternoon, 135 miles in a little over two hours with fairly heavy traffic. Mothers Day. Food highlight: rhubarb pie (Elizabeth said it was ugly--but she made it--and it was quite good despite its appearance, as most of her creations are). It's always good to see the dogs, and home in May is intensely sweetly scented with all the peonies and irises blooming. Intended to go running on the dirt roads that family history says I'm the 8th or 9th generation to travel... but I didn't--oops. Margaret hasn't been home from Florida since this time last year when she came up for my graduation, otherwise everyone would have been there. It was a good afternoon with lots of storytelling, laughing, and my old parents. ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

5/13: People pictures from Saturday evening.

5/13: Saturday was an all day long "brunch" with Rafal's crew: Hollywood's Hottest Couple Max and Kasia, Meg and Jim, Josh, and Lauren. It traveled: P St to a 17th St patio, and on to an evening BBQ in Georgetown. That was about it. Kicked home around midnight.

Saturday morning I popped awake on the couch after 3.5 hours of sleep and went for a good run through Rock Creek with Mike and Maggie. Friday was a helluva night. Such a good time I'm not even going to write about it!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/10: Spent a couple of days in Rappahannock working with Lyt. The scenery about made me want to turn in my faux-cityboy pass and return to the countryside of Virginia. They were the kinds of days that stick in my soul and make me daydream. I'm a damn good daydreamer. Anybody wanna hire me?

Went running in the country. Ate well (as is usual when I hang out with anyone from Nature Camp--be it Lyt, Walter, Jim, Flip, or Gomi): fresh greens from the garden, and venison, onions, and apples on pasta. Ahh. Fell asleep to the sounds of the Hazel River down the hill. Ate lunch on another river where we cleared a trail. Lyt pointed out a tiny hummingbird nest on a branch over the river. Gawd, what a glorious pair of days to be outside.

5/10: Grabbed this shot on my way out of town for a couple of days.

Monday, May 07, 2007

5/7: Had a fun evening last night hanging out with friends at a couple of restaurants after enjoying a 90-minute solo brunch in the midday sun with mimosas, coffee, crepes, and a big yummy sandwich. Soaked up the afternoon sun talking on my cellular telephony device. Later I finished Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go--a depressingly beautiful story. When the sun's overhead like it is at this time of year it makes me want to re-read a few books in particular that give me the same mental vibe: Camus's The Stranger, Francoise Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse, and Paul Bowles's Pages from Cold Point and Other Stories.

Ben's Chili Bowl on a day that's chilly in the shade and perfect in the sun. Get it?! Chili vs. chilly?!!! Ha! Hilarious.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

5/6: Despite having been aware of it for a while I've neglected to give Charlottesville's Festival of the Photograph a plug.

It's gorgeous out. Windy though. Maybe the Queen's hat will blow off! Maybe DC will get a seat in Congress! Maybe I'll take a break from drinking! Maybe I'll eat a good lunch! Maybe I'll run! Almost time to register for the Marine Corps Marathon! Whooo! Good to talk to ya Corey-San.

Kim passed this along to me. Pretty cool.

Friday, May 04, 2007

5/4: This is the state of my laptop world. The clamp on the lower left corner of the screen has been in place since this time last year after it slid the 12" from my futon to the floor and burst open. Earlier this spring the right-side hinge failed and since then the loose wires sometimes short, causing the screen to go black, and forcing me to restart to regain control of my old precious baby. Oh dear. Got it brand spankin' new in January '03 and it's been by my side ever since. Sometimes to my detriment... and sometimes clearly to its own. Dear old pimped out G4 PowerBook, thanks for keeping it real for so long.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5/2: A tree day. I grounded for Lyt and Scott while they inspected a giant old poplar. Today its trunk measured 58" diameter at 4.5' off the ground; five years ago it was 120' tall. But it's likely going to have to be taken down as it leans over an essential building at the conference center and has plenty of structural problems.

I haven't posted grabshots from the road in a while so here's one: Gainesville during stopped traffic. I should've been shooting there all the years I've been up here... rather than racing down 29 to Albemarle... just record the ridiculously rapid stripmalling of Gainesville. Just in the last couple of months the I-66 /Rte. 29 interchange has undergone descrubbification (all the scrub trees that had grown up since construction have been wiped out) and the earthmovers have begun the process of making the land ready for the widening of 66 to the new and improved 29 interchange with more lanes and better high-speed handling. Whooo. It's cool. I could give a shit about any of that anymore. All I want to do is go to sunny places and hang out with hot females. Some girls are cool, but generally I think it's time to hang out with women. I seem to have a predilection for accents... which is bad... but I also judge people based on their eyes... which is all it takes sometimes. Hmmm. Road construction, women, and eyes. Hmmm. Weird.

I took my Mamiya 7II on a walk the other day and fucked its winder up, so I've gotta get that repaired... argh. Hehe. My bass hands have come back, even though I get deaf more quickly than I used to... to be expected after playing so many years without ear protection at high volumes... all those cute little hairs in your cochlea or wherever they live... getting flattened by the waves of sounds, never standing upright again to make sense of all the marvelous sounds of life happening everywhere all the time... thus I shout "what?!!" at the bar, club, in the car, or even in normal conversation... ahh... the choices people make. That's another one I don't get back. Whooops!

5/1: Woke up really early Tuesday and hit the grocery store while it was empty (but for the expected hot girls, who are there at all hours). Then Audrey and I cleaned portions of Demon House like it hadn't been cleaned EVER before. It was a lot of fun. Audrey, Rafal, and I lunched on the patio at Sparky's Cafe. Then we cleaned some more. Later I met Mike for food and beers at Rafal's, where he studied the DC DMV driver's license study guide with a refreshingly cool Stella comfortingly parallel parked within reach.