Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/29: A sad day for me as our favorite buddy (and world traveler extraordinaire) ALAX moved out of Demon House. My day is coming. Just have to find the right place for the right price, with (or without) the right roommate(s). Been here 20 months.

Wandered around the city a couple of times on foot under the crazy high skies; got an awesome pastrami sandwich on Columbia Road, later walked up Connecticut Ave to Cleveland Park and back home. Read a giant-sized portion of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go on the front porch in the sunshine. Drank coffee on the real porch for nearly five hours while listening to Peter Gabriel, The Jayhawks, Crowded House, and others. Popped awake at 7:45am after passing out Dee-Runk somewhere around 2/2:30am last night after I got wasted on the porch in an hour by myself (didn't eat a whole lot last week, wasn't really hungry, which means that tonight's burger is just the start of an enormous intake of food this week) and had a blast ogling all the hotties walking by as I played Kaddisfly, Daft Punk, Los Amigos Invisibles, The Streets, and The Twilight Singers. Rafal called to say we were going to Black Cat, so when he, Max, and Josh arrived we strutted over, met up with Meg, attracted ogles and leers of our own from hot blondes and brunettes, and proceeded to drink more, eventually hitting the dance party, where a plethora of young and fit (but not cute, attractive, or even hot) girls were dancing up a storm. (When did BC'ers start wearing suits and looking super yuppie?)

Saturday at the gallery went by really quickly and was fun. Friday night was a blast at Raf's bar as I hung out nursing beers for six or seven hours until cool people came in late. It monsooned at some point and the party was on: shots of GM, hugs, and funny foreign words. Then someone's car wouldn't start and I wound up loaning my car to a (sober) driver whose beloved Audi has recently died through no fault of his own and, again, I subsequently passed out, or fell quickly into delicious slumber. Ahh beer, how good you've been to me. Coffee not so much, gets me absolutely jittery, at least in the quantities I had today. Wow. Was talking with Alex and couldn't sit still, hands all aquiver and shaking... krazee. The end of an era... good luck ALAX (surriously).

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mike said...

Woooo! Alex is our new neighbor up heeeeere!!!