Friday, April 27, 2007

4/27: Scrambled to find ten-days-old blue skies for this rainy Friday.

artDC opened last night and was a blast. I think everyone from the gallery is exhausted after this month's packed schedule. Still, it was fun to wander around (double-fisting it at least once thanks to a cool bartender looking out for my best interests) with spoils from the open bar. Breck, Marissa, Rose, Tang, and I hung out watching Kathryn Cornelius's red-carpet paparazzi performance. Was a little too drunk to fully comprehend what Mauro Ceolin, a very friendly Italian (from Bologna) video-game/graphic artist, was telling me, but I liked his work. His work sprawls outward from the nt art gallery booth; check it out. Chatted with John Lancaster, a guy from Charlottesville I used to nod at without ever knowing; he used to work at a health foods store and at the $1 movie theater I used to haunt, and used to have a gallery called Nature. (Whooo!)

Later walked over to Warehouse with Marissa to see Supple, a group show my co-worker Mary Early is in along with several gallery artists: Colby, James, and Robin. Then that was that... headed home and passed out happy with Friday off! Whooo! First Friday off in forever!!!!! And it's a rainy day!!! Whoooo! ;)

Went out to Virginia to jam with some guys Wednesday night. It was damn fun. First time I'd played bass with people in probably five or six years. Drummer's been playing since he was three years old and he's only freshly nineteen, but a definite bad-ass. Sounds like we'll get together again to see where things go. They're heading into a local big-name studio in a week or two before their bassist leaves to pursue his PhD in Boston. That's all for now (drop it like it's hot).


mike said...

Good pic of the "art crew."

keepin it real

real artsy

mike said...

p.s. did breck and solomon leave their boxes around again?

&rew said...

nope. that was Mauro Ceolin.

marissa said...

we definitely missed Supple's circumcision performance last night at Warehouse though!

i'm not really upset about this.

&rew said...

yeah... def not concerned to have knowingly missed that.

mike said...

Well, maybe I'll plan one if the Jews will take me!

Well Jews?

Will you have me?

mike said...

also did you see the review in dcist?,