Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/21: Some lo-res pix taken by my brother. I like them. They look as if they were shot with a digital Holga.

Man, what a gorgeous effing pair of days to have to work indoors. Oh well. These days the light around here has the angle and warmth I recall (and drool over) from a couple of years ago in Italy and Spain. But I don't make pictures these days... too bored, tired, indifferent, and full of excuses. Went running with Mike along Rock Creek Friday evening. Got raging drunk Thursday night and felt it the following morning... whoops. Worked with Lyt Thursday out in VA; he gave an informative Earth Day tree tour for Airlie employees. At the Corcoran Fine Arts thesis opening Thursday one of my favorite former professors had good gossip. :) Also heard from another former professor that he, too, won't be back after this semester. Ahhh... change. It suxx yet is quite necessary for growth to occur--on so many levels. Man I'm deep. Anyway. That's all... just had a couple of minutes to chill out after work... now on to fun, food, and drink.

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