Monday, April 16, 2007

4/15-16: Sunday was the final packed day of The Photography Show, AIPAD's 27th annual production. I let a few friends in, Lizzy helped Bill Frisell with his tickets, and I learned from Steven Kasher that I'd not recognized Wim Wenders in Lou Reed's group the day before--oh the horror! Anyway... 6PM and a small wine buzz signaled the end of the show, so I helped Kim and Mary pack up Hemphill's booth. Left them to finish up so I could...

Join Kathleen's small wrap party at Brasserie on 53rd St. It was a good evening, full of smiles, relief and, again, good food and drinks. Asked the hot bartender to surprise me and she fixed me a tasty Patron margarita... hadn't had Patron in a few years and forgot how smooth it is. Passed out in my room exhausted by the weekend, and woke up early from depressing dreams after having beautiful sleep the previous nights.

The city had something around 8" of rain Sunday, so trains were delayed a bit. The train poked along through New Jersey. Looking out the window it felt like we were on a boat, since we were riding through water that was at times above the tracks. Apparently when that happens the train has to stop for the conductors to measure the water depth. At Trenton the river was ridiculously high. After that it got better, but the train was still an hour late to DC. Go Amtrak!

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