Friday, April 13, 2007

4/12: Rode Amtrak's Acela for the first time, it's fast but just a dumb American train. Talked with Claude from Step Afrika! about art until he left the train at BWI.

Arrived in NYC, checked into the hotel, got a bite to eat at a little deli, did the short walk up Lexington Ave to the 67th St Armory in the mist and started working with Kathleen at the ticket desk. Wandered through the vendors a little bit, said hi to George and Kim; our booth walls have just the right amount of photographs--not too full. Already saw a couple of celebrities... and Thursday's supposedly the slow day.

When the day was done I walked back with Charlotte and when she stopped to get some wine, I was chatted up by a cute Swedish girl trying to get me to buy White Cranberry Aqua Vit vodka; she mixed a very tasty sample cocktail, but I'm not a big vodka drinker these days... alas. ;)

Corey came down and we wandered around looking for a diner before winding up at a place over on 2nd Ave right around the corner from the Pod Hotel, where I stayed last year.

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