Thursday, March 29, 2007

3/29: Look out your window--screw that--take the day off and get your ass outside! The harshly elegant and somewhat grim bare branches of winter are now covered in pastel buds and blooms. The world has exploded into spring overnight. Get outside!

Spring means boys and girls going crazy, hooking up, breaking up... being stupid, being silly, being immature, being happy and miserable... just another segment of a cycle, never the end of the world. Doors close, doors open. Things fall apart, new things grow.

As anyone who's been keeping up with the assigned readings knows, I got pretty obsessed too. Couple of weeks ago FINALLY got it hammered through my thick skull that "it" was done and left on decent terms... which lasted a couple of days until I wrote my first St. Patrick's Day post and it received a bad review--two thumbs down. Whoops! Really wasn't meant like that at all--oh well. I pointedly expressed my genuine curiosity why, on a fun out-of-town party weekend, time would be taken to make multiple visits to my blog. But it wasn't taken that way. Which led to a couple of quick text-messages being exchanged while the authors were pissed off, defensive, stupid, and immature... since then strict silence on both sides... which is probably how it should stand for a while. Meanwhile, the sun keeps coming up every morning... and I learned and experienced lots of good life with a caring and generous person while it lasted... what more can one ask?!

Walked all over NW with Mike on Wednesday. It was a deliriously good day to amble through Mt. Pleasant to inspect his new apartment, then wander dirt trails to Georgetown, and then pound the sidewalks back to Casa Demon. A great week to laze around in the outdoors.

Had a lovely walk through Mt. Pleasant this morning too. ;) Then Raf and I hit Clarendon to get iPods!!!!!!!! Whoooo! Traded in our old dead models rather than beat the shit out of them on Apple's doorstep. We rule. ;) Sunshine cures so many ills. Thank you sunshine. I'm going to try to keep on your side.


mike said...


Walking to Gtown!

wendy said...

nice photo of the "no parking/parking available" spot.