Sunday, March 25, 2007

3/25: Spent last night on the couch. Love it. Stopped by Transformer Gallery after work to hang out with Dave Smooth before heading home to drink a couple of beers. Then back to Transformer for the opening, which featured work by friends and former classmates. Hung out at my boy Raf's bar for the rest of the night with Katie and shot the shizazzle into the late hours.

Drank coffee with Mike on the porch this incredible morning before we walked to Chinatown to get new pillows. Ate lunch at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that was pretty good.

This afternoon we ran together for the first time in forever. It was great, even if I wussed out and only put in 4 miles while he reeled off another 2-mile lap.

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mike said...

It was a good run. Good day to run. Even if youre a wuss.