Saturday, March 17, 2007

3/17: Google Analytics is the devil. It tells me who views my blog. When an Arlington Comcast user travels out of town and a previously unseen Boston University user shows up, I see it, do the math, and am curious about the attention. If you've got a blog and don't have G's Analytics, get it. It's kind of cool, if alarming. I'm one of the DC Verizon users who'll show up on your list. Good luck with the blog, VA/BU viewer.

Creepy effing internet, so much data mining and crap. I post a lot of stupid shit, so I know about the potential for making an ass of one's self in an online setting. I just don't give a damn, because I made the decision years ago, when I was particularly lonely, that it's far better to feel--even if it sucks when you don't always feel good--than to not feel at all, so if I come across as nuts at times, so be it. If some of my posts have been more than a bit crazier than others, who gives a damn. I am what/who I am right now. But remember that people are not the same from day to day. Every day is a chance to be someone new. To do what you want to do. To jump out of a rut, or jump out of a plane as a roommate of mine did a week ago! To not accept routine. To make someone smile. To give a hug that changes the world. To engage. To rule the world. It's your world, make of it what you will. It's my world, and it's time to make it rock.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whooo! Sunny for now!


Shyam Varan Nath said...

Can you please tell how to add the urchin code at Blog since it only allows text ?

&rew said...

Copy and paste the block of urchin code Google provides into your blog template where Google says to... that's all I know.

mike said...

Woooo! Knowing is half the battle!