Thursday, March 29, 2007

3/29: Look out your window--screw that--take the day off and get your ass outside! The harshly elegant and somewhat grim bare branches of winter are now covered in pastel buds and blooms. The world has exploded into spring overnight. Get outside!

Spring means boys and girls going crazy, hooking up, breaking up... being stupid, being silly, being immature, being happy and miserable... just another segment of a cycle, never the end of the world. Doors close, doors open. Things fall apart, new things grow.

As anyone who's been keeping up with the assigned readings knows, I got pretty obsessed too. Couple of weeks ago FINALLY got it hammered through my thick skull that "it" was done and left on decent terms... which lasted a couple of days until I wrote my first St. Patrick's Day post and it received a bad review--two thumbs down. Whoops! Really wasn't meant like that at all--oh well. I pointedly expressed my genuine curiosity why, on a fun out-of-town party weekend, time would be taken to make multiple visits to my blog. But it wasn't taken that way. Which led to a couple of quick text-messages being exchanged while the authors were pissed off, defensive, stupid, and immature... since then strict silence on both sides... which is probably how it should stand for a while. Meanwhile, the sun keeps coming up every morning... and I learned and experienced lots of good life with a caring and generous person while it lasted... what more can one ask?!

Walked all over NW with Mike on Wednesday. It was a deliriously good day to amble through Mt. Pleasant to inspect his new apartment, then wander dirt trails to Georgetown, and then pound the sidewalks back to Casa Demon. A great week to laze around in the outdoors.

Had a lovely walk through Mt. Pleasant this morning too. ;) Then Raf and I hit Clarendon to get iPods!!!!!!!! Whoooo! Traded in our old dead models rather than beat the shit out of them on Apple's doorstep. We rule. ;) Sunshine cures so many ills. Thank you sunshine. I'm going to try to keep on your side.

Monday, March 26, 2007

3/26: Read Zbigniew Brzezinski's op-ed in yesterday's WaPost.

Also, Mike has finally updated his blog! Whooo!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

3/25: Spent last night on the couch. Love it. Stopped by Transformer Gallery after work to hang out with Dave Smooth before heading home to drink a couple of beers. Then back to Transformer for the opening, which featured work by friends and former classmates. Hung out at my boy Raf's bar for the rest of the night with Katie and shot the shizazzle into the late hours.

Drank coffee with Mike on the porch this incredible morning before we walked to Chinatown to get new pillows. Ate lunch at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that was pretty good.

This afternoon we ran together for the first time in forever. It was great, even if I wussed out and only put in 4 miles while he reeled off another 2-mile lap.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3/22: Surgeon Combs came over last night. Using the finest scalpel available he operated on Mike's dead laptop.

This week gave me three days of working on Virginia trees! Today was delightful. Spent the morning deadwood pruning an apple orchard and in the afternoon hauled brush as Lyt took down trees around a house in the woods. Except for our chainsaws, the country was peaceful and quiet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3/20: Saw Mute Math at 9:30 Club for the second time last night. Enjoyed their performance, again. Before that, VERY briefly stopped by Busboys and Poets for Mike's opening/event/thingy. My first time there, and I agree with his old poem... "don't go there."

Worked with Lyt today and got a fricking tree stuck in my eye that made me leak tears for a couple of hours before it was swept away by a final vigorous torrent. Got sun on my old bald head. Saw a fox squirrel, a groundhog, and some hawks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

3/17: Walked to KNEW Gallery with Andrew and Mike to see the groupshow that Mike and Dave are in. Talked to a woman who started a non-profit twenty years ago that gets prisoners (originally at Lorton, now at the DC jail) to make art. The previous show at KNEW Gallery was a groupshow of her students' work. There were a few pieces that I really liked. Seems like something to keep in mind as a volunteer opportunity.

The trip back to Demon House was cold and windy. Later I wound up at a museum wandering through the permanent collection. Played bass when I got home. Need to practice! Need to buzz aloud as I run scales so my hands know where to go again. Need to practice 32nds and 64ths. Need to read music again.

Watched Casino Royale with a friend of mine the other night--enjoyed it immensely! Watched the same movie last night with a roommate whose flight was canceled. Tonight I'm planning on becoming inebriated at a Mt. Pleasant party with M&M. Too much information. Better git the eff off the internet.

3/17: Google Analytics is the devil. It tells me who views my blog. When an Arlington Comcast user travels out of town and a previously unseen Boston University user shows up, I see it, do the math, and am curious about the attention. If you've got a blog and don't have G's Analytics, get it. It's kind of cool, if alarming. I'm one of the DC Verizon users who'll show up on your list. Good luck with the blog, VA/BU viewer.

Creepy effing internet, so much data mining and crap. I post a lot of stupid shit, so I know about the potential for making an ass of one's self in an online setting. I just don't give a damn, because I made the decision years ago, when I was particularly lonely, that it's far better to feel--even if it sucks when you don't always feel good--than to not feel at all, so if I come across as nuts at times, so be it. If some of my posts have been more than a bit crazier than others, who gives a damn. I am what/who I am right now. But remember that people are not the same from day to day. Every day is a chance to be someone new. To do what you want to do. To jump out of a rut, or jump out of a plane as a roommate of mine did a week ago! To not accept routine. To make someone smile. To give a hug that changes the world. To engage. To rule the world. It's your world, make of it what you will. It's my world, and it's time to make it rock.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whooo! Sunny for now!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3/14: Went home to work on some trees with Lyt for a couple of days and soaked up the heat and sun. Went out to eat with my dad and older sister. Played with Jada. Rolled back up the road.

Monday, March 12, 2007

3/12: A beeauutifuul number. Oh, Rafal too. We drank pure caffeine all afternoon before he bounced off to work. 70's the next three days... WOW!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/11: Alex got free tix to The Who at Verizon Center and took me for my birthday! Came home to find Maggie and Mike fixing a delicious cake, which we washed down with beers from Rafal as we raced GT4 on PS2. (Didn't even have to use my AK, I gotta say it was a good day.) A top shelf birthday.

I'm working the NYC AIPAD show in April! Whooo! Excited I am!

Spent most of Saturday on the porch drinking coffee and listening to a bunch of new mashups. Walked to Georgetown in the afternoon with Mike and Maggie. Stopped by Govinda, where Maggie visited her cousin Chris. Then on to Wisemiller's for sandwiches for our warm and sunny picnic overlooking the eights rowing on the river. I could almost see the building in Arlington where my friend lives, so I texted her to say hi. She's cute. ;) I love spring.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

3/6: I recently learned that my childhood best friend, John Gilliam (whose 29th birthday is today, two days before mine), was wounded in Iraq a month ago. He was shown in a CBS News video clip a couple of weeks before being wounded.
3/6: Twelve hours from door to door today. Worked in Capon Bridge, WV, with Lyt, Rick, and Scott. It was windy and cold, but sunny :)

Oh, Kevin, here's how you make fine art photo tree shadow pix. Take notes, I'll quiz you later. How 'bout your boy Scooter?! hehe.

Sorry if today's untweaked pix look awful, but I'm tired and want to post now!

3/6: The same fieldtrip....

3/6: Weekend pics from a fieldtrip to Traitor Joe's. I don't see the appeal.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

3/3: The Washington Post's Going Out Gurus blog has good info on local arts events and openings. Check out the opening this evening at my gallery from 6:30-8:30. 1515 14th St NW, Third Floor.

Friday, March 02, 2007

3/2: hehehe. old school pix. literally. literally dude. dude.