Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/28: I'm going to try to stop posting on here when I'm drunk or in the midst of frustration fits. I enjoy much of my life, but when I look at a bunch of my posts I seem to have had a tiny bit (just a lil' bit) of a problem in conveying that--because I was focusing on negative things. So... some good stuff, and people, I enjoy and appreciate:

My jobs: Even though a lot of my gallery work is making nitpicky details look good, it's been very good for me to have to buckle down and do things I don't like to do, including painting, at which I've become pretty good--or a helluva lot better than when I started in June. Most of the work (maybe not stuffing envelopes) requires brains. I see lots of art, hang lots of art, and my co-workers are all cool. My arborist is supremely cool; he's taught me lots and been patient. I love getting to work outdoors. I have sentimental feelings for physical labor, but I want to make a gazillion dollars, or enough to live the life I'm living right now as a semi-country boy in an urban world. And while tree work pays me twice as well as a day at the gallery, I haven't gotten off my ass to pursue my ISA certification, learn more about trees, and maybe find an additional tree job. I will, because it's time to stop moping and begin becoming.

Getting to live at Demon House, despite it's shortcomings and all my complaints, has been a dream. It's been magical for meeting remarkable people.

Mike: Practically my brother, a jerk for the ages, an amazing talent, he inspires me to try to live life in the moment instead of in my usual reserved observer position.

Rafal: Another brother, with a smiling heart and face who makes life fun for everyone around him.

Lara: A very special friend. I've been overlooking that fact for a while because I haven't wanted to see through the haze of negativity in my head. She's been my friend despite the juvenile and stupid crap I've thrown at her. It humbles me. That's more important to me than any other detail about the last 9 or 10 months. Because it's baffled me it's scared me too.

Now... to sleep. I must wake up in four hours to get ready for work.

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