Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22: Saw Gym Class Heroes at 9:30 Club last night. Powerful stage presence, cocky but friendly and genuine, and their bassist could play with almost anyone--seriously deep bottom end. A good sold out show.

Tonight from 6-8PM is the first of three weeks of Corcoran College of Art + Design Fine Art Photo senior thesis openings. Should be good.

Spring is on its way! Snow is melting, tree work is being scheduled, animals and plants are slowly stretching themselves awake, the sun is working its way back, and the temperature is rising--albeit slowly--as someone said last night, it sucks that the mid-40s are considered warm. But it's good running weather... too bad my former running partner's a wimpy ex-Marine. ;)

I need to make a trip somewhere sunny and warm soon. I really should visit my sister in the sunshine state after she gets back from Vegas. Probably be a month or so before I can get away from work... thinking out loud. If I work the AIPAD Photography Show in NYC in April as I hope to, the spring may wind up being full of fun travel!

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