Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/15: Let me mention my amazing friends again. Friends of all degrees: close, closer, closest, good, random, weird, nerds, fools, jesters, boys, girls, urbanites, suburbanites, hicks--you all rule.

Demon House ran out of heating oil last night. It was cold. Oh so cold. But not under my immensely thick bedcovers! Whooo for natural materials! Give it up for wool! And how about a big Hey-O! for down sleeping bags! The dude came and got our heat running again right after I got home this evening and engagingly explained the functions of our ancient steam furnace. Very cool.


mike said...

It took other people to tell me you didn't talk much, because I had been doing so much talking I never noticed.

I really use your advice you know. Sometimes I ask you a question and I get a very insightful answer, sometimes you just get up and leav the room. Either way it's good advice. Your the BEST!

Alex said...

Andrew, I am looking at your blog.