Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2/14: Worked a couple of hours today at my old Dupont gallery's new space at 18th and P, where they are now officially installed and almost at full-speed.

Deep slush sucks to walk in! Even with Gore-Tex shoes I got wet feet coz it was too much fun to take a chance and jump a puddle and of course it was a little wider than just the pool of visible slush... it extended into the snowier slush. Whoops! ;) It sucked to drive last night too, but I felt like driving. Got stuck behind plows on I-66 so traffic went 20mph. Whee. ; This afternoon I shoveled a path down the sidewalk to our corner and into the street so people wouldn't have to get slush feet. Damn that's nice of me. Probably also a legal responsibility of the resident or at least the owner... but nobody gets fined around here.

Talked about running again with Mike. Need to. It's good to have friends. When I feel so damned alone it's the end of the world. I forget that the people with whom one spends the most time usually know you best and if they still hang out with you they must like you a lot. I've been mostly out of touch with my family in recent months as I've been trying to get established doing something of my own for once. And I've spent a while (9+ months), in my typically irrational manner, infatuated with a young woman.

I need a drummer. A bad-ass drummer--doesn't have to be a Carter Beauford sized kit, just be able to effing rock and be tasteful too. And someone (or two?!) who makes amazing noise with a guitar. A combination of Tim Reynolds, Vernon Reid, Bill Frisell, David Rhodes, The Edge, Prince, and maybe Django.

There's an article on The Washington Post today about girls and emotional attachment.

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Chris Combs said...

That article is needlessly depressing. Woohoo!