Sunday, February 11, 2007

2/11: Writing in bed. Just wrapped up a stretch where I worked 17 out of 20 days.

Drove Mike to Dave WTNR/Smooth and Rose's apartment-warming party in SE last night where we stayed a few hours. A rollicking good party. Cool new apartment, fun beats, lots of drinks, and plenty of partiers. Personally I'm fucking everything up these days and letting it affect everything I do to some extent, so I didn't enjoy myself that much... particularly since I was driving and could only have an early beer. But it looked like everybody else enjoyed themselves immensely, which is what having a good party is all about. Thanks Dave & Rose!

I think I'm going to borrow a phat Nikon DSLR from the generous Mssr. Combs in the next couple of days. That should help me get creative, perhaps unlock and free my internal web of frustrations from the chains with which I shackle them. Maybe they'll disperse/dissipate/disappear/dissolve for a few weeks. Also towards that end today I said fuck it and plugged my loud Trace Elliot amp in and played along with some songs for an hour when the house was mostly empty. While it sounded stupid as usual, at least it felt good. When I haven't played in months I'm always amazed how my fingers and ears retain their connection for knowing where to go to make what sounds.

Gomi, you should have some cool mail by mid-week.

Targit, sorry I've been out of touch in recent weeks.

Ibbits, I may try out those Eye St folks.

Corey-san, hope you're doing well, haven't felt like talking in recent weeks, too many things floating through my head to deal with other people's floating thoughts.

I'm hungry. My nice little nap was interrupted by a phone call from my landlord, so I better fill him in about the leak.


Anonymous said...

Next time ...

We Metro!

Metro, it opens doors.

(paid for by METRO, we open doors)

-Mike C

Dave Smooth said...

glad you had a good time at the party. except you didn't. so sorry. blamb mike. but thatnks for the scotch!!!!