Thursday, February 01, 2007

2/1: RECENT snaps: R St, T St, self-pic in front of one of my European photos.

One RECENT freezing cold night Mr. Combs TRAVELLED great LENGTHS to be treated to Mike's delightful pasta dinner. Katie (former Demon House doyenne) also contributed her smiling presence. A rousing good time.

After a quarter of a century at one address, a premier DC gallery is moving a few blocks next week, and I've RECENTLY spent a few days boxing their belongings. Today they surprised me by giving me an awesome book I've wanted for a while, Jane Livingston's The New York School: Photographs 1936-1963. I'm very excited!

Tonight I ate dinner in Dupont with the girl about whom I tend to write vaguely. ;) We caught the Take Action Tour 2007 at 9:30 Club, primarily to see Kaddisfly. They're very good. Having seen them twice, I still don't know what make their bassist plays; it's an odd shape and has a huge amount of dense looking wood that creates a very deep, sensuous, tone.

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