Monday, January 22, 2007

1/21: First snow of the season and year.

Jabari arrived from NYC late Saturday to crash on one of our couches. Okay, fine, the real reason he came down was to participate in the DSSAP reading at Meat Market.

At that reading Dr. Smith (I presume) may have done a little break dancing to one of Doug Lang's poems.

Look at all the familiar Corcoran people who came out to say "Hi!" to art (you can wave at them, it's all right).

Walked home as the snow continued to fall and wanted someone to say "Rosebud," but the silent pedestrians had left their sleds behind.


mike said...

So beautiful tears are shooting out of my eyes.
Like straight out of my tear ducts and into the air.
W/ lots of blood too. Aww, that's kind of sweet though(, and tinny flavored).

&rew said...

it's just a phase.
you'll grow out of it.
Faith No More said so.