Thursday, January 18, 2007

1/18: My year has been busy thus far. But I sense a glitch, an imperfection, a coming gloom, the gloaming, a need to go roaming, and feel I require a day of real sunshine.

It's hard to pinpoint, and maybe it's an inaccurate reading, but a knowledge of self remains, and to that I listen. Intuition. Countering that, I know I create my own reality. My world is endless because I believe it. Endless opportunity. Of course I can be, and am, affected by others, and their thoughts too, but I have firmly believed in my world for a long time. I think others feel I'm more than a tad bit weird, but each to their own; we all have our own journeys to make. I'll dream mine as full of magical people and scenery. (If my dreams are impacted by having read too many fantasy-filled books with remarkable, and often incorrigible, youthful heroes... oh well.) Without dreams would anything ever change? +++++ * The above post was written more for the rhythm of the words than for a genuine desire to impart the mental status of (un)said author. Oh... blah.

Had to do a roundtrip to Charlottesville on Wednesday. Grabbed a Christmas present at home that arrived late from the UK, and also snagged my bass amp. I plugged it in and confirmed that I won't be able to play it here... far too loud even when my bass is turned as far down as it can be and still send a decent signal. Oh well. It'll just make my itch worse! Yay.

Looking for good music? Try The Twilight Singers and join in my addiction of the past two months.

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