Saturday, December 30, 2006

12/29: Had a good time hanging out with Larissa at Rafal's.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

12/27: Left home midday (goodbye Rockfish Gap). Later I saw Behn (!) at Local 16.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12/20-25: 15th & Swann; 23rd & M; admired the silver I polished at home; laughed at my incomplete family's Christmas breakfast-makers; shook my head at deaf Shiloh's fireplug figure.

Miss mah girl. Miss DC--it's home to me more than Charlottesville anymore. Italy has been popping into my head throughout December. I'm gonna travel with a girl next time I go somewhere for a while. Guess I better make a lot of money in '07!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

12/15: I-66 Exit 69 7:15PM.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12/13: Mike has a nice portrait of our "lil' pumpkin" Rafal on his blog.
12/11: AM: westbound on I-66. PM: my neighborhood market.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/12: Whoo! Here comes a meandering ramble... I got 19 CDs in less than 24 hours: from Bebel Gilberto & Zuco 103 to Helmet & Lost Prophets, from World Party & Twilght Singers to Hard-Fi & Karsh Kale to Texas & Glenn Kotchke to The Streets & Ozomatli... DMB's Live Trax Vol. 7--a show my brother took me to....

We raced down I-64 to Hampton to get to the hotel in time to catch a ride on the tour bus to the Coliseum. I had just gone on an antibiotic to fight off a cold and would have felt bad about getting Bela Fleck or Victor Wooten sick, so I chased them away from eating dinner at our table. New Years Eve a decade ago. Time flies.

Yep, I'm hexxeyeted! Now I've gotta listen to them all! Damn... I forgot: I don't have a car worth putting a new stereo in to replace the one stolen over the summer... my 4-year-old Powerbook's drive won't rip or burn CDs anymore... and my home stereo is a hand me down from ThoMicCor. Oh well.

At least I've discovered a sports coupe after which to lust, the BMW M6! Anyone feeling generous should feel free to get me one in black (since it goes with everything) but I do find the Sepang Bronze metallic finish oddly appealing (odd since I dislike bronze and think of it as the color of an old person's rental car). If the M6 is out of stock, I'll accept an Audi R8. Or I can just wait until March for my birthday.... It'll be okay. Just wait and see.

Had a good pair of days with Lyt. Spent this morning swinging around in a silver maple before a short afternoon spent pruning a variety of small trees and scoping out the next area of the property to work on. Monday was gorgeous but work was dull: I grounded all day for Lyt and Scott. Sent saws up lines, staged brush for the grounds crew to pick up, and did a tiny bit of deadwood pruning on a couple of trees that didn't need climbing. The kind of day that leaves a major crick in my neck from craning my head back to look way up in the trees through the focal point of my glasses. Effing glasses.

Anyway. Supposed to make books with Wendy on Wednesday, may well see Alissa Friday evening (although The Hint is playing a show in MD I'd like to see), and am hoping to see some ex-1841'ers Saturday night! Whoo. Hark. Christmas approaches. Oh, no... nevermind... that's just a helicopter thundering by.

Sunday I watched a hawk circle over my neighborhood for a good ten to fifteen minutes... so cool to see beings from the country in the city... later that night I was across the river in VA on 29, and a fox ran crossed the road in front of me. Cool.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

12/9: I forgot about the first one until I downloaded my card just now (Lara: "You need a lil' Jesus in your life!" Hehe.). The others are from my midday walk downtown to get some more clothes--still no jeans. I'm considering starting a clothing company for skinny people. I don't remember the last time I owned a pair of pants that were the right inseam (33-34") and waist (28-29") and it pisses me off. Fat Americans... damn you. Years ago I read somewhere that the average man during the Civil War stood 5'7" and weighed 125-lbs. I'm just shy of 5'9" and 140-lbs. It's hard as hell to find clothes... particularly if you're as picky as me.

12/9: I've never slept with so many layers: 0-degree down mummy bag over fleece blanket over acrylic comforter over another fleece blanket and I'm wearing a fleece hoody, a hat, a poly-pro crewneck, two t-shirts, and poly-pro bottoms. Even during my 7-week trek across the West back in '01, when sleeping at elevations over 8,000' in September I only used my mummy bag with some sweatpants and a t-shirt, maybe occasionally a hat. Right now it's 22-degrees but feels like 12 outside, and my room must be close to freezing. Yes, Demon House is equipped with a full slate of modern amenities: custom drafts to keep your room cool in the winter and warm in the summer, a hot water heater to scald one if a toilet is flushed at the same time the shower is used, and a constant fear that the house may collapse around one's ears under the first minor snow load of the season--if not just for kicks during a strong wind. I love you 1841, but it's time for a major structural overhaul and renovation. (Slumlords suck.)

A good friend and classmate of mine just got hired as a suburban school's full-time substitute teacher! Yay! Congratulations Mrs. Etten! Maybe art school does give us real world job possibilities!

Another friend's car broke down Wednesday night on the Beltway close to midnight, and she (you know who you are! ;) asked me to wait with her for the towtruck. I'd worked a long day with Lyt, and had to hit the gallery in the morning, but that's a situation where you gladly (!) do what needs to be done... friends don't leave friends alone on the side of the road--especially I-495 in the middle of the night. By the time I got home it was after 2AM, but I was happy to have been called and would do it again at the drop of a hat.

So far my best intentions for Christmas gifts are being subverted by my annual lack of interest in the season of giving and continued procrastination in the land of &rew's Handmade Gifts. I bought a couple of new shirts, incense, and a present the other day, and ordered (my fourth pair of) Lowa shoes last night, but I've only been making silly postcards for people recently, no books, no photos, nothing substantial. Who knows if anyone will wind up getting anything? Marc said he's getting the house a tree today! 16 days to go.

This new Blogger beta is all right. It seems to work better in both Safari and Firefox. Hasn't crashed yet after a day of use. But damn the Google log-in BS.

It's about time to get out of bed and face the cold. My weekend is short... I work M/TU with Lyt, and TH/FR at the gallery. Stop by Hemphill Fine Arts Friday evening from 5-7, or Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 for a special Nazraeli Press book event.

That is all. End transmission.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

12/3: With smoke pouring from my ears, gears grinding, fans whirring in overdrive, I knew I had to get out of my head. Not knowing where I was headed, I drove east on Rte. 50 past Annapolis to the last exit before the Bay Bridge, and wandered into Maryland's Sandy Point State Park. It was perfect.

I lugged my Mamiya around making photos, smiling happily, for more than an hour. It was remarkable. I got in the groove. The same feeling I used to get while playing bass--zoned out, everything's fine, time may pass, but I'm in the moment. You can't buy that feeling. You can't manufacture it. I've got to remember how to regularly attain it.

On my way home I saw a speeding ticket camera's flash go off in my mirror, but if that's all it cost me it was well worth the trip! Dropped my film at Chrome, napped, ate, spent time with my artificial sunshine light, and now I feel much better. Work with Lyt tomorrow and probably Wednesday.